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+603-4285 0188 sales.vgoholidays@gmail.com
+603-4285 0188 sales.vgoholidays@gmail.com

Travel with vGo Holidays!

Go somewhere where we feel most alive!
Adventure is out there waiting for us to explore.

Traveling is a joy of recharging ourself! 

About Us

vGo Holidays was formed in 2016.  Our mission is to be one of the friendliest neighbourhood travel agencies strive to combine enquiry, purchase, and travel experience elements into one exceptional client escapade that we value as much as clients do.

We believe customers deserved the rights to compare price, service quality and obtain all related travel information before they make the decision to purchase from you.  Therefore, we aim our very best to offer competitive pricing as well as to provide all the important necessary travel related information and to them.  Although sales are important to us, more important to us is the trust relationship between client and us, we believed that if we are able to build such a relationship with the clients and the company, we can make a better and brighter future for the company.

vGo Culture & Believe

We aspire to be one of the most sought-after travel agencies in Klang Valley, Malaysia with the following company values that we based on:

  • PASSIONATE about delighting our clients and employees.
  • TRUST by treating others with integrity, respect and fairness.
  • PARTNERSHIPS through open and honest communications with the business alliance.
  • PRIDE and EXCELLENCE by constant innovative technology and creative ideas.
  • INTEGRITY to build our company and client relationships on the highest ethical standards.

Awesome Tour

We are not a usual travel agency. Each of our tour is unique experience!

Budget & Smart

We don’t believe travel is expensive, we emphasis travel smart!

Buddy Travel

We treat our cleint as buddy rather than an ordinary travel client. 


As long as visa permitted, we will definitely travel there to eat and shit!

Common Question About Us

Who are you guys?

We are a group of human being which love to travel, and would like to share our travel experiences with others tagging them along in all our future trips. Beside, we’ll be able to strike better deal with local guide and agency if have enough ‘friends’ travelling together.

Do you guys make money?

Yes and No, as our primary focus is still on travelling everywhere with a cheap budget constraint. However if we are able to strike a good deal with the local agency, we might get some pennies out of it, which then contribute toward our traveling budget.

How trustable and fun are you guys?

Honestly it will be best if you guys are able to travel with us at least once!! Then you’ll know how fun and easy going we are. We do understand that it is not easy to convince someone to join us but you will realised after you join us just once!